MoceanLab is making transportation in Los Angeles

sustainable, safe, affordable, and convenient.

MoceanLab nurtures great ideas – large or small.

Imagine a low-cost, zero-emission shuttle ready to whisk you to your destination on demand. Or a safe and convenient way to get from your front door to the nearest Metro stop. Or even new breakthroughs to improve aerial search & rescue or medical evacuations. 

MoceanLab was created to propel these advances — in everything from personal transportation to urban air mobility — and assemble them into a comprehensive and resilient transportation ecosystem that meets the needs of all Angelenos. Both for today and for many years to come.

MoceanLab’s First Service: Mocean Carshare

Mocean Carshare is a no-hassle car-sharing service that allows drivers to quickly, easily and affordably rent a low-emission hybrid electric car. Gas, insurance and unlimited miles are included in Mocean Carshare’s low hourly rate. And as the only free-floating car-sharing service in Los Angeles, drivers can return their vehicle to any of the home zones located across Los Angeles – no need to return the car where it was picked up, or to any other specific location.

Learn more at our Mocean Carshare website, or download the Mocean Carshare app.


This is only the beginning

MoceanLab is actively developing mobility innovations to improve quality of life and expand opportunity in Los Angeles.


Personal mobility devices such as bicycles, scooters, ebikes and more.

Autonomous Shuttles

On-demand, self-driving shuttles that move passengers quickly, safely and sustainably to their destinations.

Urban Air Mobility

New technologies enabling passengers to bypass congested roadways altogether by taking to the skies.

Accessible Mobility

Fully accessible transportation options for those in wheelchairs and experiencing other mobility challenges.