Introducing MoceanLab

Los Angeles is one of the world’s most diverse, dynamic and creative cities. It’s also one of the most mobility-challenged places on earth.

MoceanLab is a visionary new laboratory created by the Hyundai Motor Group to tackle this challenge. We think big and we aim high to create transformative mobility solutions for L.A.

Taking LA Transportation to a New Level

MoceanLab develops bold ideas that empower people to get around safely, reliably and sustainably. We help people make better use of existing transportation infrastructure and develop innovative new ways to travel. The result: an entirely new mobility ecosystem serving all of Los Angeles.

Backed by the resources and innovation of a global transportation leader, we create human-centered solutions for Los Angeles that can serve as a model for the rest of the world.

MoceanLab Pursues Mobility Innovations That:

Improve Access
for All


Protect the


Built on Partnerships

We can travel farther when we work together. MoceanLab is building relationships with people in government, business, academia and the nonprofit sector. We’re looking for new ideas to improve mobility, and great opportunities to bring those ideas to life in the Los Angeles region.

Embracing All of Los Angeles

We believe that all people deserve safe, reliable, affordable transportation. At MoceanLab, our aim is to connect people to a suite of mobility solutions that work in concert to complement public transit and encourage drivers to move beyond reliance on single-occupant, privately-owned vehicles. We are committed to serving neighborhoods throughout the Los Angeles region to create opportunities, deepen relationships and strengthen communities.

There’s much more for us to do, together.